Solange Serquis


Solange studied at the University of Buenos Aires completing a program inclusive of architecture, agricultural science and landscape architecture, with a final thesis in “Healing Gardens”. Solange will provide landscape architecture services as the primary local landscape architect. Solange’s design background focuses on integrating process-design with the ecological concepts and educational opportunities for master planning and landscape design.

She has worked in both private, public and non-profit organization design environments on community, educational, and agricultural projects. Solange is the principal of Serquis + Associates as well as a very active participant in the community. With Spanish as her first language and English her second, Solange works passionately assisting numerous social-kids-educational-friendly events where she merges her knowledge and activism for educational landscapes and the relationship between indoor-outdoor spaces with her desire to help the young.

Design Philosophy

Successful designs should engage the environment, have fluency among history, land forms and architecture, express rhythm with textures and interest among the seasons. We believe there is a close connection between balancing human needs and preserving what nature has given us to enjoy, and that beautiful surroundings nourish the human spirit. We are passionate about communities, whether they be rural or urban settings. We truly understand the social impact where clear landscape design helps connection between community and peoples, where they relate to and learn from the natural and built environment. We create multi-disciplinary teams, including the client, catering to each and every project to form think tanks that inspire ideas that are most appropriate to the site and users.

Israel Muñoz


Israel is a proud Santa Fe’an. Coming from an industrious and agrarian family, Israel was taught to persevere, be humble, and respect all diversity. From an early age, Israel’s passion has been architecture and design from traditional to contemporary. Israel has been working under Serquis+Associates for six years as a landscape designer and certified CAD technician. His main role in the company is technical & construction drawings.

He believes each project is the same, whether small patio or large planned communities, high-end or budget constrained, in that by respectfully manipulating the landform, configuring a strategic layout, and dressing with a careful selection of plant material, harmony will not only be achieved but a sense of peace will emanate to its surroundings.


  • 2015 – US Representative at Japan’s World Flower Garden Show
  • 2011 – Best Outdoor, Parade of Homes
  • 2011 – Design Competition Winners – 2nd Place Winner
  • 2011 – LIHTC Design Competition, 2nd place winner
  • 2003 – HGTV- Landscapers Challenge in Cerrillos NM
  • 2000 – Urban Planning Design, National contest Railyard Park, Buenos Aires -25 acres- 1st prize Master+Schematic Design
  • 2000 – Tierras Caballit BA
  • Multiple Residential Design Awards


  • Oct. 16, 2011 – The New Mexican, E-1 “Offering community, affordability” by Flo Barnes
  • Autumn 2012 – SuCasa Magazine, vol. 18, No.4, page 41-42, “Creative collaboration” by Alicia Kellogg
  • 2009 – “Diseño de Jardines” book – Garden on the desert chapter, Editorial Albatros, Argentinian edition

Volunteer Task Force in NM

  • Presenter at Careers & Curiosity in Math and Science – 2011 fair for Agua Fria Elementary, Careers & Curiosity in Math and Science is an elementary school career fair with women presenters who use math and science in their jobs.


  • Registered Landscape Architect, New Mexico, No. 449
  • Member, American Society of Landscape Architecture, ASLA
  • Member, International Federation of Landscape Architects, IFLA
  • Native Plant Society
  • Member, The Natural Teachers Network