‘Casa Cielo’ wins a top award by Santa Fe AIA

We are incredibly honored to have been part of the design team that created the ‘Casa Cielo’ residence. Casa Cielo recently won a top award from Santa Fe AIA. AIA juror Carlos Jimenez had this to say of the environmental thoughtfulness of this project:
“We talked a lot about how amazing that a place like Santa Fe institutes a kind of literature for its architecture, in other words that it follows a narrative. There are many projects that you see to some partial degree, but this project for us was incredible because it understood the delicacy of the environment. This wasn’t simply about maintaining a, let us say, an adobe tradition, but about understanding the totality of a place that is highly unique by its environmental conditions and heritage. For instance, one of the things that caught my attention particulary was the way the plan was gesticulated and composed to accept not only the incidence of wind currents but the incidence of topography and views. Everything seemed to be accounted for.”
  casa cielo indoor outdoor shot