In Love With Our Landscaping

Solange and the team at Serquis + Associates is outstanding! We are in love with our landscaping. Solange is creative, inspired, collaborative, budget-conscious, and works with great attention to detail from design to install. She’s a great communicator, and a delightful personality. Our house was new construction when we moved in. We quickly put up a fence for the dogs and laid down some gravel, but that was it. One year later in July, we hired Solange to design a complete landscaping plan for us. Fencing, concrete, low voltage lighting, plants, gravel, boulders, grading, retention, drainage, and irrigation were all part of the plan. Solange asked us about our vision for the space, and presented us with a “scrapbook” of plants and completed landscape projects for us to review and mark our favorites. She prepared a detailed scale drawing and elevations of the proposed design along with a detailed materials/”take-off” list. She offers clients the option to coordinate installers and supervise the job, or use her design documents to manage the work on your own. My husband and I both work full time and we do not have green thumbs, so we asked her to do it all. The crews she hired and the work they did was excellent. The design process took about 4 weeks and the installation 3-4 weeks in total (“Phase I” of our installation was a small area, but included a good deal of labor and materials). We highly recommend Solange + Associates!

– Kendra Henning