Good Landscaping Architects, Designers and installers are hard to find. I’m so glad we found all three with Solange! Before we met with Solange I had to do almost all of our Landscaping design in house, which was time consuming and, admittedly, not always the best solution for the project. Right from the start, Solange was able to take a lot off my plate allowing me to handle the core responsibilities related to my job. In no time at all she was up to speed on the challenges and particulars of our projects, goals, philosophy and image. She also had a firm grasp on the culture we operate in and was able to articulate our core philosophy with fluency and transfer them in to appropriate and responsible designs. Solange is able to handle every type of assignment we hand off to her with ease. She works closely with my clients with finesse and a high level of mutual respect. Our clients always ask for her when they need any additional work. She has provided us with professional, compelling Landscape designs and installation for our recent multi unit Gold LEED certified project, Las Placitas Compound. She has even stepped in to direct the installation of her designs with great efficiency and commitment. Never missing a deadline, whatever the request, Solange has consistently been up to the task, and the quality of her work has been superb. She is expert at adjusting her landscaping style when needed to meet the need and suit the project, even providing a light touch and her characteristic wit when the occasion calls for it. In addition to her Landscape design skills, Solange has made a major contribution to our project team efforts. Her skills have improved our end product immensely and I never worry about the end product or the implementation with our Landscaping. And what’s more, Solange is a pleasure to work with. More than just a Landscape Architect, in many ways, she has become an important part of our Project team and family.

~ Doug McDowell, President, McDowell Associates