Riverside House

A family Hacienda

The multi-disciplined team, with McDowell + Satzinger, and including the client, was a clever part of the beautiful residence catering to each and every decision to form think tanks that inspire ideas that are most appropriate to the site and users. Solange worked all spaces in between buildings with the design team since day one. Reduce, reuse and recycle goals established at the beginning were all met. Guest parking, pedestrian access, and landscape areas were defined preserving the native look with a welcoming feeling. The outdoor courtyard zone merges the building textures into a great outdoor room bringing refreshment. Defined spaces offer an array of semi-cultured, agricultural, and native preserve zones. The use of existing rocks, the respect of natural land contours, the diversity of the site and reclaims made the native preserve possible. A preexisting old orchard revived for enjoyment of the next generation. The building roof drainage is harvested and used to maintain the man-made spaces. Outdoor inspiration: Find the soul of the site, remember the past and succeed into the future. Walls in contrast with metal pieces bring harmony. Close communication between builders, designers and owners during design and construction allowed the design process to be fluid and to achieve the goal of bringing the land back to life.