Stage Coach Apartments

LIHTC Merit Award 2011

Stage Coach full landscape architecture design offers compact development with ample open space, including community gardens and orchards, sport courts, walking paths with fitness zones for adults and teens, and native rain gardens that offer opportunities for explorative learning and play.
For the Stage Coach community: “Access to nature contributes to the health and well-being of kids, teens and adults.”
Developer: Housing Trust

Committee Comments:
The design of Stage Coach Apartments truly captures the history and spirit of the place, and celebrated its motor court roots. Existing Pueblo Revival buildings are sensitively handled, with new building taking off with a clean, more contemporary design. The site is enlivened by the new design and a lively color and material palette. The site and landscaping plan includes a great variety of livable outdoor spaces, including well-landscaped courtyards and connections to walking trails and amenities. Rainwater harvesting and excellent solar orientation and shading are strong points to an environmentally sensitive design. The shotgun style apartment units have good cross ventilation and feature private outdoor space at both the front and back. All in all, an excellent presentation.