Plaza Contenta

  • Adaptive re-use of what would have been an infill lot on the site; it was transformed to a livable canvas to host many activities and bring in healthy, natural wildlife.
  • Demonstration garden that can also be utilized as a community amphitheater.
  • Walkable, free-play community public space, preserving connections to surrounding neighborhoods through sidewalks and pathways.
  • Mature deciduous trees will provide public space and parking space shade in summer and allow heat gain in winter and buffer high winds.
  • Worked with Youth-Works for installation, providing plan reading classes and installation workshop opportunities. 50% installed by a contractor who taught the kids and achieved 50% installation by youths.
  • With an extremely limited budget, we focused on calling paving companies and worked with discontinued lines.
  • Although not part of the project, we donated our time to provide plans for youth visits to the installation and consulted with the developer for a possible edible garden annex for the remainder of the lot.